Beyond Spreadsheets: Goal Setting & Tracking That Works

Ritmoo enables teams to set and track progress on goals, provide progress check-in's, connect to company strategy, enhancing teamwork and clarity in your company.

Why NCT Goal Framework?

Because Clarity and Adaptability Drive Success

Proven to excel in mid-size, product-led companies, the NCT framework turns strategic visions into measurable success stories.

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Better Clarity
and Focus

With NCT, your company can define clear, narrative-driven goals that align with your overarching business strategy.

This method ensures that every team member understands not just what they are working towards but why it matters, fostering a sense of purpose and direction.

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Commitment to Measurable Outcomes

NCT frameworks help teams commit to measurable and attainable outcomes within a defined timeline.

This accountability ensures that every action contributes to broader company objectives, minimizing wasted effort and enhancing the ability to track progress effectively.

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Agile and
Adaptable Execution

Tasks within the NCT framework are designed to be flexible, allowing teams to adapt to changing market conditions and internal dynamics without losing sight of their goals.

This helps product-led companies
rapidly iterating and ensuring teams stay aligned.

Why NCTs Over OKRs?
OKRs were designed to tie Key Results back to Strategic Objectives, but many teams struggle to use them effectively.

Here are some common pitfalls:

- Lack of Context: Objectives often miss the context needed to tie back to product and company strategy.
- Blurred Lines: Teams frequently conflate Key Results with Objectives.
- Overemphasis on Key Results: There's too much focus on Key Results and not enough on the Objectives.
- Stretch Goals: OKRs are often set as stretch goals, making progress hard to track during a quarter.
- No Insight on Execution: OKRs assume teams will "figure out" how to achieve them without providing clear guidance.

The NCT Solution
NCTs (Narrative, Commitments, Tasks) address these issues by providing a more structured and narrative-driven approach:

Narrative: A 1-2 sentence qualitative description of what the team wants to achieve and why it’s important. It connects the goal back to the product and company strategies, offering clear context and purpose.

Commitments: These are 3-5 objectively measurable goals that the team commits to achieving by the end of the quarter. They provide clear evidence of progress towards the narrative.

Tasks: Specific actions required to fulfill the commitments and achieve the narrative. Tasks offer clarity on what needs to be done, ensuring goals are actionable and achievable.


Low-learning curve—goals made easy for everyone.

We've combined team decisions, clear goals, and smart insights to make teamwork better. Together, they help teams choose wisely, stay on track, and learn quickly.

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Define narratives

Write down company and team narratives, making it clear what's their mission and strategic rationale.

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Goal setting & tracking

Create goals, track their progress, and align the organization across teams.

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Connect initiatives

Clarify across teams and company what initiatives are prioritized and where they sit in the organization.


Progress updates to keep everyone aligned

Provide updates, engage in conversations, ask questions, and ensure alignment with the business goals.

Other features
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KPIs to track metric progress

We split the KPI tracking from Goals — Commitments and Tasks tend to focus on how one achieves certain goals, but not always connected to the main performance metrics. We've added a KPI dashboard to keep the approach effective.

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Admin setup — clear user profiles

A simple user management flow, where the team admin that make all the changes, and at the same time, provide freedom for everyone to collaborate on their team level.

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Login with Microsoft or Google accounts

No more memorizing passwords. We keep it simple — you can login using your Microsoft account or Google account — thus keeping your team and personal profile safe.

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Coming Soon (End Of The Year)

Native integrations, smart insights, and AI copilot.

As AI continues to shape our world, we’re harnessing its potential to guide teams through the maze of information. Our Ritmoo's AI vision will focus on curating patterns from team updates, letting you unearth trends and refine the team and business strategy. This intelligent aid, coupled with integrations and dashboards, ensures every viewpoint is considered, propelling teams towards clearer, more informed decisions.

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We're listening to feedback and ensure that Ritmoo will integrate this year with communication (eg MS Teams, Slack), and Project Management tools (eg JIRA, Asana).

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Just mapping goals, outlining key initiatives and tracking decisions isn't enough. We want to help you understand what's moving the needle—with simple and effective progress dashboards and insights.

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AI Coaching

We know, every tools has AI nowadays—and we're keen on adding a copilot to help craft the right goals, anticipate initiatives at risk, highlights patterns and dependencies, and so much more.

Ready to get started? Let's have a chat.