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Beyond Spreadsheets: Smarter Goal-Setting & Decision-Making

Ritmoo enables teams to set and track progress on goals, collaborate on key decisions, and prioritize initiatives, enhancing teamwork and clarity in your company.

"We're working with Ritmoo to bridge the gaps between insights, goals, and decisions, ensuring our teams are aligned and focused."

Jeroen hanekamp, CEO CLEVR
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The Golden Circle
For Team Effectiveness

We've combined team decisions, clear goals, and smart insights to make teamwork better. Together, they help teams choose wisely, stay on track, and learn quickly.
Collaborative Decisions

From idea inception to execution, every team member is involved. Champion open discussions, seamless communication, and collective accountability, ensuring every decision is the best for your team.


It's not just about setting objectives; it's about understanding them. Teams can actively share updates, ask vital questions, and draw connections to decisions. Embedded wikis provide deeper insight into the goal's rationale.


Harness the might of data. Our AI integrates with your tools, evaluates past choices, and crafts a narrative of your team's journey. More than just data points, these insights help you anticipate challenges and spot opportunities.

Ritmoo's Software Features

As we continue to develop and refine our platform based on user feedback,
these foundational features promise a transformative team collaboration experience.

Collaborative Decisions

Enable team members to propose and collaborate on proposed decisions within the platform.

Goal Setting & Tracking

Create goals, track their progress, and align the organization across teams.

Async Updates

Provide updates, engage in conversations, ask questions, and ensure alignment with the company goals.

Strategic Narrative

Craft and communicate your vision and strategic narrative in the company and teams—creating clarity across the fold.

Initiative Prioritization

Clarify across teams and company what initiatives are prioritized and where they sit in the organization.

AI-Powered insights

Harness the power of AI to find hidden patterns, trends, and insights from your team's collaboration data, driving smarter decisions.

How decision collaboration works

The Iterative Decision Process: Simple, Yet Impactful

Walk with us through a journey from a mere concept to its successful implementation. Our process ensures that every decision you make is collective, thoughtful, and aligned with your goals.

step 1
Draft a Thoughtful Proposal

Kickstart with your idea and let it take shape effortlessly. Utilize pre-defined templates to speed up your draft, while seamlessly integrating visuals—from images and videos to audio—for a comprehensive proposal.

step 2
Engage in Rich Collaboration

This is where the magic happens. Engage with team members, stakeholders, or even customers. Collect feedback, refine the proposal, and ensure it's robust and fits every perspective.

step 3
Seal and Share the Decision

Once the proposal reaches its final version, send it for approval. After a green light, communicate the decision clearly across the board, ensuring everyone is in the loop and aligned for the next steps.

AI-Powered Insights

Ritmoo will become your
AI team decision coach.

As AI continues to shape our world, we’re harnessing its potential to guide teams through the maze of information. Ritmoo's AI curates patterns from team discussions, letting you unearth trends and refine the decision-making process.

This intelligent aid ensures every viewpoint is considered, propelling teams towards clearer, more informed decisions.

Goal Clarity & Conversation

Beyond Tracking:
Conversations That Drive Clarity

Many fall into the OKR pitfall—over-emphasizing tracking and neglecting the conversation. At Ritmoo, we believe the dialogue around goals is paramount.

Our platform encourages these essential conversations, bridging the connection between decisions and insights. Dive deep into the 'why' and 'how', fostering a shared understanding that truly propels teams forward.

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Meet Ritmoo's Heartbeat Navigator Program

With the Heartbeat Navigator Program, we address company-wide challenges
in decision-making and collaboration, driving transparency, alignment,
and strategic execution across all levels of your organization.

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