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Shaping the rhythm of the future

Ritmoo is a strategic transformation firm geared towards growth-stage companies. We deliver both goal management & decision collaboration software, alongside tailored services to refine strategy communication, foster team alignment, and cultivate a forward-thinking organizational culture.

Regenerating Easily
who's behind the wheel?

A Duo Determined to Drive Change

At Ritmoo, our passion is clear: drive growth and reshape how teams communicate and collaborate.

As co-founders, we're not alone on this journey. We're backed by a tight-knit group of advisors, developers, and designers, all coming together to shape Ritmoo's vision.

To our extended family: your belief and commitment inspire us every day.

Hugo Pereira
Co-Founder & CEO

Hugo's intrigue with teams began with leading his local scout chapter at merely 12. This interest evolved into a profound career focused on growth, leadership, and team dynamics. LinkedIn even acknowledged him as a Top Voice in Team Management. Before Ritmoo, as the Chief Growth Officer at EVBox, he transformed a budding startup into a sector front-runner. But most pivotal during his EVBox journey was crossing paths with Piotr.
Piotr Krzepczak
Co-Founder & CTO

Piotr might seem familiar, not just for his tech prowess but for occasionally moonlighting as EVBox's early-day model. To steer away from unintended fame, he opted for a beard, adding mystique to his persona. Humor aside, Piotr's leadership in software engineering has left its mark, pioneering applications embraced by millions. His partnership with Hugo at EVBox laid the foundation for the Ritmoo vision.
Our vision is Rooted in Rhythm

why are we creating ritmoo?

Hey there,

At Ritmoo, we have a big dream.

We want to change the way teams talk, decide, and grow together, especially when they're spread out all over the place.

Right now, it's tough.
Too many emails, too much noise, and not enough clear action.

So here's the deal: Ritmoo isn't just another software platform.
It's our answer to all the messy bits of teamwork.

We're blending decisions, goals, and smart insights
to make work make sense, no matter where your desk is.

Now, here's the honest bit: we're not there yet.
This vision? It's what wakes us up in the morning. It's our north star.

But we're building, learning, and pushing ahead every day to make it real.
If you're nodding along, thinking "this is what we need," then come with us.
Jump on our waiting list, peek at our demo, or just give us a cheer from the sidelines.

Together, we're not just dreaming of better teamwork;
we're rolling up our sleeves to build it.
Thanks for being part of this journey.

Big things are coming.


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