Companies that have benefited from components or the entirety of the Program:
why Embarking on this program

Strengthen your clarity
and equip your leaders

Unify your company under a shared strategic vision
and be clear about your why, how, and what,
while equipping your leaders to drive growth and innovation.

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Identify Critical
Areas of Improvement

Cut the clutter and inefficiencies hampering your organization.

Our proprietary diagnostic survey identifies critical areas of improvement, setting the stage for streamlined communication and decision-making across your company.

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Embed Goal Framework (OKR) & Align Teams

Ensure every team is rowing in the same direction, with a clear shared understanding.

Our workshops & frameworks help your company define its strategic pillars, set annual goals, and create a shared vision that resonates across the organizations.

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Strengthen Decision
Quality at Scale

Elevate the quality of decision-making across your organization.

Our leadership coaching and decision-making templates ensure that every decision, from strategic choices to daily operational calls, is evidence-based, thoughtful, and aligned with your company's vision.

How Does The Program Timeline Work

From Analysis to Engagement
to Coaching

We create tailored programs where we delve deep into gauging the health of your company and teams. It begins with comprehensive analysis, transitions into immersive workshops, and culminates in hands-on coaching to ensure leaders are empowered with the best strategies and a forward-thinking mindset.

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Phase 1 (3 weeks)
Heartbeat Analysis

Your company's vitality begins with understanding its current state. In this phase, we employ specialized diagnostic tools and methods to assess the health of your teams, identifying strengths and highlighting areas of improvement.

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Phase 2 (5 weeks)
Strategic Immersion

Our workshops aren't one-size-fits-all. They're tailor-made to address your company's unique challenges and objectives. Through interactive sessions, we focus on facilitating open dialogue, promoting skill acquisition, and aligning team objectives to your company's overarching goals.

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Phase 3 (4 weeks)
Empowerment Journey

This phase is about sustainability and continuity. Our coaching sessions equip leaders with actionable strategies and a resilient mindset. Meanwhile, teams are onboarded onto the Ritmoo software platform, ensuring that the insights gained are embedded in everyday workflows.

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Unlock your company's full potential
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Many of our clients report seeing positive changes in communication and alignment within their teams as early as a few weeks into the program.


Our proprietary survey uncovers your company's pulse for targeted improvements.

Strategic Vision Workshops

Identify strategic pillars and goals for a unified vision—communicated effectively across the company.


We empower your leaders with personal coaching sessions, equipping them to lead effectively.

Implement Goal Framework (OKRs)

We help implementing a goal framework (eg OKR) and train the people on it.

Ritmoo's Platform

Map goals, gather insights, and facilitate cross-team collaboration with Ritmoo.


Access our strategic execution guides for consistency across teams.

About the program

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common questions about our Rebuild Trust Program, offering clarity on timing, pricing, participation, and the kind of impact you can expect.

How long does the program take?
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The program is tailored to each company, though it tends to take 12 weeks to see the effects of the workshops and interactions—thus addressing all aspects of the program and provide meaningful impact.

what is the pricing for the program?
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The pricing for the program is tailored to each company to ensure we provide a service that meets your specific needs. Although, we are transparent and clear that the foundational program is 25k—that's the minimum to embark on this process.

How Soon can we expect to see changes after starting the program?
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Our clients see immediate results within 12 weeks, reporting positive changes in conversations, trust, and clarity of vision within their teams as early as a few weeks into the program. However, the biggest impact often becomes apparent in the months following the program, as the changes become integrated into your day-to-day operations.

what kind of companies do you support?
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This program is focused on companies that had to do structural reorganization or layoffs and as such, are undergoing uncertain times. This means that not only the people layed off got affect, but also the people that stay now can't fully trust its leadership. We help bridge the conversation and assure that there's a dialogue in a constructive way. Nonetheless, we only work with companies where leadership has a genuine care for its people and a minimal empathy for the situation. If we witness that it's a number game to the leadership, we simply refuse the client.

Who should participate in the program?
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We recommend involving leadership and key team members who are involved in decision-making processes. The program is designed to benefit entire teams and align them with your company's vision.

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