Boost collaboration, alignment, and growth

We address company-wide challenges in decision-making and collaboration, driving transparency, alignment, and strategic execution across all levels of your company.

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Companies that have benefited from Ritmoo's transformational services:
Why Embarking On This Program

Simplify Your Strategy
And Equip Your Leaders

Unify your company under a shared strategic vision and be clear about your why, how, and what, while equipping your leaders to drive growth and innovation.

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Identify Critical Areas Of Improvement

Cut the clutter and inefficiencies hampering your organization. Our proprietary diagnostic survey identifies critical areas of improvement, setting the stage for streamlined communication and decision-making across your company.

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Adopt Goal Framework & Align Teams

Ensure every team is rowing in the same direction, with a clear shared understanding.Our workshops & frameworks help your company define its strategic pillars, set annual goals, and create a shared vision that resonates across the organizations.

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Strengthen Leadership Quality At Scale

Elevate the quality of leadership & forward-thinking habits across your organization.Our leadership workshops and playbooks ensures that leaders level up, and the culture evolves —bringing the best practices of onsite, remote, and hybrid working styles.

Program highlights

Unlock your company's full potential with this offering.

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Health Diagnosis

Our proprietary survey uncovers your company's pulse for targeted improvements.

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Strategic Vision Workshops

Identify strategic pillars and goals for a unified vision—communicated effectively across the company.

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Custom Goal Framework

We help implementing a goal framework (eg OKR), adapted to your company culture, and train the people on it.

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Leadership Coaching

We empower your leaders with personal coaching sessions, equipping them to lead effectively.

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Adaptable Playbooks

Access our strategic execution guides for consistency across teams.

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Ritmoo's Platform Access

Map goals, gather insights, and facilitate cross-team collaboration with Ritmoo.
1-year access, unlimited usage.

Use cases

Proven impact in
real-world scenarios

Strategic narrative for micromobility scaleup

We engaged with a fast-growing micromobility scaleup's Executive Management Team. Through our strategic process, we mapped out their core strategic pillars, clarified their ambition, and delineated key future decisions, aligning their vision for rapid expansion.

Strategic redirection for digital transformation firm

During a pivotal leadership transition for a mid-size tech solutions company, we offered a diagnostic analysis and devised a comprehensive strategic narrative and go-to-market approach. The outcome? A revitalized understanding of their core purpose and consistent revenue target achievements.

Goal implementation at scale for a fast-growing startup

For a rising EV charging scaleup, 1000-people company, we introduced a robust goal setting, tracking, and reporting framework. This initiative not only resulted in top-tier "Clarity" scores in their engagement surveys, but also empowered their leadership teams with tools to drive enhanced team performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take?

The program is tailored to each company, though it tends to take 12 weeks to see the effects of the workshops and interactions—thus addressing all aspects of the program and provide meaningful impact.

How soon can we expect positive changes after starting?

Our clients see immediate results within 12 weeks, reporting positive changes in conversations, trust, and clarity of vision within their teams as early as a few weeks into the program. However, the biggest impact often becomes apparent in the months following the program, as the changes become integrated into your day-to-day operations.

Why not just offering Ritmoo's platform?

We believe that being effective with goal setting, tracking and prioritizing isn't just a tool question; it requires behaviour change. Hence, we offer as a bundle for maximum impact.

What's the pricing for the program?

The pricing for the program is tailored to each company to ensure we provide a service that meets your specific needs. Although, we are transparent and clear that the foundational program is 25k—that's the minimum to embark on this process.

Who should join the program?

We recommend involving leadership and key team members who are involved in decision-making processes. The program is designed to benefit entire teams and align them with your company's vision.

Do I need to use Ritmoo after the program?

We don't enforce our software to our customers. It depends on the context, the requirements and size of company—we want to offer value to businesses, without adding a tool to the equation just for the sake of it.

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