Build a highly engaged and action-oriented team

Ritmoo is a collaborative workspace where employees are the drivers of change. Create sticky habits, host meaningful conversations, and make collective decisions.

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A workspace built for the whole team,
not just the manager.

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Map & Rate Rituals

Map your current team rituals and have your team provide feedback on what's working or not.

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Automate Team Workflows

Automate all your team rituals and processes, gaining more free time to invest on your key priorities as a manager.

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Reach Clear Decisions

Have conversations on key topics all in one place, engage your team, add supportive data and make clear decisions.

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Run Team Experiments

Culture is about habits. Run experiments on new rituals and see what sticks. Get your team engaged in trying them out.

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Host Relevant Conversations

With Ritmoo, you can take your feedback routine, 1-on-1, and team meetings a step further—with guided coaching & insights.

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Share Micro Learnings

Tap onto shared knowledge of the team and share micro learnings with each other—make use of your collective knowledge.

Ritmoo will bring a new take on people analytics & interactions

We know that there're plenty of great solutions out there to collect team data via employee engagement surveys. But there's survey fatigue and soon enough you will be facing some challenges in collecting honest and authentic feedback.

The best feedback is gathered in conversations, especially individual ones. We want to take a step further on conversations within your team and company.

We can't share much yet, but we want to bring data and insights to both teams on their conversations and what they tell about themselves and the culture they're building. Stay tuned.

Ritmoo Engagement Platform

Designed for all use cases

Any team can use the Ritmoo software to build better culture and rituals—remote or not, we're here to help you evolve the team culture.


Make all the agile ceremonies stick, understand what works and automate the key workflows.

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Product & Engineering Teams

These teams are already strong on rituals and experiments—now it's time to take it up a nodge.

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Growth & Marketing Teams

Bring your experiment-driven mindset to your team—and evolve the way you work.

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