Goal management for teams that love clarity & simplicity

Experience goal management as it should be: 
straightforward, impactful, and tailored for clarity. 

Simplify how you set, track, and realize pivotal goals, ensuring your team stays focused and aligned.

Ritmoo goal management platform
Why caring about this? Why now?

There's a strategic drift between leaders and executors

Getting everyone aligned on goals from the top down sounds straightforward, but there's often a gap when it comes to turning big plans into everyday actions.

This gap makes it tough for teams to stay on track. Goal management software like OKRs can be too complex, feeling more like extra tasks than tools for progress.

The good news: we can bridge this gap. Combining goal management software with transformational programs fosters a better way of achieving together, built on the NCT framework (Narratives, Commitments, and Tasks).

Why Now?
The biggest failure isn't defining strategy but executing it. Teams often focus on goals over strategy, leading to short-term wins but long-term losses.

Ready to move beyond traditional goal-setting?
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Provide clarity to teams
on goals & ownership

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Define strategic narratives
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Set commitment & track effectively
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Connect teams goals to company strategy
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We make it easy to collaborate on goals

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Provide progress updates
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Connect key tasks to commitments
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Have a clear view on ownership
About Ritmoo's Goal Management Software

Focus on high collaboration and visibility of goals, initiatives, and ownership.

Driven by user-centric design and insights, our platform's features are crafted to reinvent collaboration and strategic alignment, making team synergy a reality.

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Goal Setting

Map your entire business goals across all teams, in one place.

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Async Updates

Facilitate updates around goals without real-time meetings.

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Strategic Narrative

Articulate your company's and team's vision and direction.

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Maps Initiatives

Set clear initiatives and assign ownership, making it clear who owns what task.

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Progress Tracking

Gather confidence levels and guide teams on execution strategies.

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Coming soon we'll add key integrations, such as Slack, MS Teams, Asana, and more.

Complete guide to NCT Goal Framework

Use cases

Designed for
mid-size businesses and agile, larger teams

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Product & Engineering Teams

Ritmoo streamlines goal management for product and engineering teams, fitting smoothly into their existing toolsets. It helps clarify priorities and track progress, ensuring teams are aligned and focused on achieving key outcomes efficiently.

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Marketing Teams

Ritmoo enhances goal alignment and progress tracking for marketing teams, integrating effortlessly with their current tools. It simplifies setting and achieving marketing objectives, fostering team focus and streamlined execution on key campaigns and strategies.

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SMEs & Scaleups

Ritmoo streamlines goal management for companies over 100 people, blending it with leadership coaching and transformation services to foster rapid growth and strategic alignment. It provides a low-learning-curve alternative for managing goals, ensuring that teams transition smoothly to a more structured, yet flexible, goal management system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free account?

Yes, as we've launched recently in June 2024, we're focusing on validating the quality of or offering, and the tool is free as a starting point. As such, you've the unique opportunity to use the tool and influence the direction of it.

How does your packaged service work?

Along with the software, we've created a tailored 12- week program to help businesses adopt the right goal framework and train their teams. You can read more about it here.

What's the pricing for the full package?

The pricing for the program is tailored to each company to ensure we provide a service that meets your specific needs. Although, we are transparent and clear that the foundational program is 25k—that's the minimum to embark on this process. It also includes an annual license to the platform, up to 200 users.

What's some of your success stories?

For a rising EV charging scaleup, we introduced a robust goal setting, tracking, and reporting framework. This initiative not only resulted in top-tier "Clarity" scores in their engagement surveys but also empowered their leadership teams with tools to drive enhanced team performance.

We also engaged with a fast-growing micromobility scaleup's Executive Management Team. Through our strategic process, we mapped out their core strategic pillars, clarified their ambition, and delineated key future decisions, aligning their vision for rapid expansion.

Lastly, during a pivotal leadership transition for a mid-size tech solutions company, we offered a diagnostic analysis and devised a comprehensive strategic narrative and go-to-market approach. The outcome? A revitalized understanding of their core purpose and consistent revenue target achievements.

Complete guide to NCT Goal Framework