why Embarking on this program

Turn Disruption into Opportunity

Post-reorganization often leaves teams in disarray and mistrust.

This isn’t just a moment of restructuring; it’s a pivotal point to
redefine your organizational culture, boost morale,
and secure a stable, engaged workforce for the long-term.

Fail to act, and risk losing another 50% of your talent due to erosion of trust.

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Dialogue Channels

We facilitate neutral spaces for open communication, allowing team members to voice concerns, share experiences, and suggest improvements.

This collective insight is pivotal in crafting a forward strategy that everyone can rally behind.

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Realignment Workshops

Post-reorganization, the company vision may seem blurry.

Our workshops clear the fog, helping redefine and communicate a shared strategic vision, ensuring everyone's on the same page as you move forward. It's a must to regain confidence.

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Trust Building

Leaders are the torchbearers of trust.

Through tailored coaching, we empower your leaders to exhibit empathy, transparency, and decisiveness, rebuilding trust and instilling confidence within the teams.


Navigate Through Change,

We don’t just address the immediate post-reorganization challenges. We lay a solid foundation for continuous improvement, engagement, and growth.

Our proven methodologies drive positive change, reflecting in enhanced communication, alignment, and retention rates, even in the early stages of the program.

Organizational Health Analysis

Discover the pulse of your organization for targeted improvements.

Vision Realignment Workshops

Redefine and communicate a cohesive, shared vision to guide your organization forward.

Leadership Trust Building

Equip your leaders to rebuild trust, instill confidence, and foster a positive team culture.

Continuous Feedback Loops

Establish open channels for continuous feedback, fostering a culture of openness.

Platform Access

Utilize Ritmoo to map goals, gather insights, and facilitate cross-team collaboration.

Talent Retention Playbooks

Implement proven tactics to retain top talent and avoid the exorbitant costs associated with high employee turnover.

regain your company's trust—
realign your vision

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About the program

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common questions about our Rebuild Trust Program, offering clarity on timing, pricing, participation, and the kind of impact you can expect.

How long does the program take?
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The program is tailored to each company, though it tends to take 12 weeks to see the effects of the workshops and interactions—thus addressing all aspects of the program and provide meaningful impact.

what is the pricing for the program?
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The pricing for the program is tailored to each company to ensure we provide a service that meets your specific needs. Although, we are transparent and clear that the foundational program is 25k—that's the minimum to embark on this process.

How Soon can we expect to see changes after starting the program?
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Our clients see immediate results within 12 weeks, reporting positive changes in conversations, trust, and clarity of vision within their teams as early as a few weeks into the program. However, the biggest impact often becomes apparent in the months following the program, as the changes become integrated into your day-to-day operations.

what kind of companies do you support?
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This program is focused on companies that had to do structural reorganization or layoffs and as such, are undergoing uncertain times. This means that not only the people layed off got affect, but also the people that stay now can't fully trust its leadership. We help bridge the conversation and assure that there's a dialogue in a constructive way. Nonetheless, we only work with companies where leadership has a genuine care for its people and a minimal empathy for the situation. If we witness that it's a number game to the leadership, we simply refuse the client.

Who should participate in the program?
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We recommend involving leadership and key team members who are involved in decision-making processes. The program is designed to benefit entire teams and align them with your company's vision.

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Are you ready to Recalibrate Your Organization?

let's regain trust & 
realign teams to your vision

A unique proposition to that addresses organizations
facing challenges post reorganizaiton or layoffs.
We help you do better.